Daily Inspirational / February 24, 2017

Our individualized Universe is forever complete, yet forever completing itself, in order that every experience may teach us to transcend some previous one, in ever ascending cycles, upward bound.



Marinalva (Mari) Plasencio Articulo 2 RedondoThere is a Biblical verse that states, “Sufficient unto the day are the evils there of.” Pragmatically speaking, I take this to mean that we do not have to look for trouble; the concerns of the day holds both problems and possibilities. In fact, without the possibilities that some new path may open to us, many days will find us working hard just to get out of the bed in the morning!

Blessedly we are aware that we are moving in what I like to call “the Infinite Flow of Good.” I do not believe that the divine nature intends any ill for us. If it gives of itself to sustain us, the gift must be life affirming, and life unfolding, according to the nature of life. What, then, gets in the way sometimes? I think that Maurice Nicoll’s statement captures it well when he calls it “the terrible power of misunderstanding everything.”

We misunderstand ourselves; we misunderstand others; we misunderstand Einstein’s question: Is the universe a friendly place? It is for us, then, to come to life, so to speak. Through our spiritual practices – prayer, meditation, and the willingness to seek our own inner power – we can discover that “Life is for us “. We can begin to trust the divine guidance we call upon does, indeed, move us through our daily choices with all possible success.

We are meant to be successful. Let us, therefore, decide that this success brings health, happiness and wonderful living.

Opinion of our readers

M. Benevidez /

Girl, where in the world could you understand the concept of apparently totally different point of view and unify them, and, if is not enough explain in a easy simple way. I just love it and with the book could be a infinite number of pages that never finish to read. That was awesome.

D. Foster /

Intelligence work has its own particular demands and a unique culture. I often thought aspirants would be better served if we could give them a taste of what the job was really like. CONGRATULATIONS, may God’s illumination be upon you.

B. Lee /

Many of us want to be more mindful, but few of us know how. This book have helping me to achieve exactly that with clear knowledge. What was looking distant and not reachable, become accessible to me. Thank you very much.
I would like to suggest the possibility to be guide in the subject or to be recommended to a more book that talk about the topic with a rich knowledge in Science and Theology.

Claudia Munoz /

This book really capture your heart and mind. At the end of it you will not be the some. I would like to know if there is a ” to be continue …

M.T. Smith /

Sometimes you don’t want to talk, you don’t want to analyze your life or apply for One. More. Job. You just want to lose yourself in a book that gets you. And with that, Dear Reader, I give you my recommendation to ” The more Abundant Life ” to help you through your quarter-life crisis.”

Book: The Abundant Life Now Available!

Purchase Now Enjoy the first book of the author Marinalva Plasencio. Today more than anything, the search for this good God and all his truth has met with his need to reveal Himself and how He operates. The time is now. He is doing a new thing, and we are part of it. He urges us to get closer and listen to His still voice saying, “I come that you may have life, and have it more abundantly.”

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