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No Fear Through the Valley
Image 21 June, 2022 Blog More Abundant Life

Psalm 23:4 reads: „Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me”. How do we interpret these words and adapt them in today’s circumstances? What knowledge is hidden behind this passage? It is time

Willingness to Act and Become a Herald of Your Change
Image 14 June, 2022 Blog More Abundant Life

Are you unhappy with your living circumstances, whether it is your relationship, your job, your lack of money, your friends, or how people treat you? Accepting yourself, focusing on your needs, and altering your mindset are all important steps. Action is what you need, but not the type you have been talking about for weeks,

Gift of Choice Today – How to make a good decision?
Image 7 June, 2022 Blog More Abundant Life

A little narrative on how much the gift of choice can be applied in our lives. As we all know, lack of choice frustrates and restricts the way we perform in our daily life. What happens when the contrary is true and the excess causes head pain? When the amount of options is overwhelming, and

Fear of Death – Between Faith and Atheism
Image 7 May, 2022 Blog More Abundant Life

Life can be seen as a cycle that has its beginning when we are born and its end when we die. Death is inevitable and it closes the door behind us in a physical way. However, faith is what leads us to believe that there is something more in the afterlife. Is it Heaven? What

Does Your Past Hold You Back In Pursuit of a More Abundant Life?
Image 27 April, 2022 Blog More Abundant Life

Is there any real influence of our past on the way we are today? Hardly anyone wonders why we make the decisions we make. Why is our life the way it is? Does the past hold you back in pursuit of a more abundant life? The longer you think about it, the more humble your

How to Keep the Flame up in the Present World Circumstances
Image 19 April, 2022 Blog More Abundant Life

The world is changing right before our eyes. Each day we watch as the humanitarian crisis develops in Ukraine because of vicious Russian attacks. The unprecedented and unprovoked war, which Vladimir Putin has started, is the reason for many people feeling scared about the future. Moreover, we have not yet recovered from the global pandemic.

Dangerous People on Your Way to a More Abundant Life
Image 16 March, 2022 Blog More Abundant Life

Psychopaths are all around us. They do not necessarily have to carry out airstrikes on innocent civilians as war criminals do. We all meet dangerous people on our way to a more abundant life. They can try their best to do the dirty on you. Therefore, it seems crucial to understand how to recognize these

How to Enjoy Every Second of Your Daily Activities?
Image 11 February, 2022 Blog More Abundant Life

Would you like to enjoy every single day in your life? Seems impossible at first glance but it is absolutely not! Take a look at our simple rules to follow into having an enjoyable and abundant life.

6 Steps Path to a More Productive Life
Image 11 February, 2022 Blog More Abundant Life

Have you ever felt like you are not in the mood or shape to do the appointed tasks? Well, we all have been there. Sometimes finding a cause to stay productive can be difficult and negatively affect the way we live our abundant lives. Here is the best path to a more Productive Life that

Cultivate Serenity and Build Healthy Relationships
Image 15 September, 2021 Blog Mari Plasencio

The smell of fresh coffee in the morning. The touch of warm droplets under the shower. The sound of your favorite music band. You should feel happy with the small things that bring you joy. Instead, you are stuck in an unhealthy relationship that does not let you enjoy these moments. Is it possible to

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