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Marinalva (Mari) Plasencio Articulo 2 RedondoThe More Abundant Life does not consist in the misuse of our own freedom. This misuse has dragged us to a life of ignorance, delusion, and frustration; DEFINITELY, does not represent a More Abundant Life. When trouble arrives we ask ourselves: Where is God? Doesn’t he care?

I can firmly say that God does care, and he is closer than we think and He does not change. He still is as living and as good as He always was, but our ignorance separates us from Him and all His desires towards humankind.

In the Gospel  John chapter 10 verse, Jesus made a statement very well known by anyone familiar with the Bible. However, only superficial understanding is extracted out of it.

This idea leads us to postpone the ” Life More Abundant” for the time yet to come or the so-called eternal life. In the meantime, we keep doing the best we can to pass by until then.

The things we think we already know are part of bondage, not part of the liberation.

The fact that we are not living the abundant life indicates that we have a few wrong ideas about things. The feelings that we have that are right about something wrong is a form of bondage.

The divine plan is one of freedom. Bondage is not God ordained. The truth points to freedom, under God’s teaching and instructions.



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