LIVING THE JOURNEY by Mari Plasencion - The More Abundant Life


Marinalva (Mari) Plasencio Articulo 2 RedondoLiving the journey means to acknowledge that the present moment is all we have.

There is no uncertainty about my future and no fear as a result of my past. I live in an eternal Now while living the journey, which is filled with good alone.

If we are intently focused on striving and the necessity of crossing the finish line, we miss the splendor of being right where we are. This arbitrary line of demarcation is something that is created by our ego mind. We traverse one marker only to find another one in front of us. When do we ever get to arrive?

The answer is never.


There is nothing wrong with having intentions and goals for they provide directionality and are the fuel for expectancy. Even having lists, a schedule or a calendar are wonderful tools that can support us along the way. The problem happens when we became future-oriented. Fixated on getting things done alongside with filling up of our time, we forget about the “Living the Journey.” Let’s not skim over this moment.

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Enjoy the Present Moment

The destination is always within us. Each step we take is it own completion where we rest in the fullness that each instant provides. Insight and renewed guidance come from acceptance, being present with what is. We do have a choice. Plans can be made, and the past still can be learning from, but the key is not to live there. Each moment is precious. Let us fully arrive and enter this vast treasure, embodying the gems of aliveness and awareness. This time of now is the portal to the creative power of God within us.

The most important time is this present moment. All of God is with me now. All that I need is here while living the journey.

Enjoy, as each moment reveals your inherent greatness.

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