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Marinalva (Mari) Plasencio Articulo 2 RedondoThe progress on the Spiritual path is determined more than anything else by the degree to which we see and experience God in all conditions, experiences, situations, and people. The Self is Consciousness, and Consciousness is our own Awareness. Our own Awareness of Being is not different from divine Consciousness Itself. There is not more than one SELF. There is only one inner  SELF. You and I share the same Inner Self. For this reason, when we truly know our own Self, we Truly Know each other. The same universal Self is shared by everybody simultaneously. Everyone has the same inner Awareness, the same “I.”

The inner Self permeates the entire universe. It has become the World; it projects the movie of this life upon the screen of its own being, just as we project a dream during sleep upon of the screen of our own consciousness. For this reason, there is nothing in this world that is different from consciousness. Everything owes its existence to Consciousness, and there is nothing separate from this one universal and infinite Consciousness.

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This same Consciousness animates all forms and beings, give life to everything that has life, gives intelligence to everything that has intelligence, give feelings to whatever is experienced as feelings. Is not different from anything. The Self is the ocean and all the various forms of this world are only bubbles on the surface – yet even those bubbles are made of the same water and part of the same ocean.

The Self is beyond the polarities, the play of opposites. Because of the polarities, this physical world does exist, but the inner Awareness is not affected by them. Many people have the delusion that the Self has preferences,  one extreme over another – such as good over bad – but the Self is beyond all opposites, beyond all our limited concepts of good and bad.

Consciousness is not present in one thing and absent in another. Consciousness saturates everything equally and simultaneously. We look at certain polarities – at the evil and injustice in the world – and think, The Self will never do that. Yet the same Self is the only Actor in the whole movie. It plays all the various roles of this world. It is the good guys and it is also the bad guys; it is the good girls and the bad girls. The same Self has become everyone and does everything. If you can see this, you can see the Truth.

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Mari Plasencio As a native Brazilian, Marinalva “Mari” Placensio enjoys a vivid and dynamic life. While she was an active member of the Assembly of God – Ipiranga Ministry in Brazil, she participated as a choir singer and Sunday school teacher. On that time a Bachelor in Theology was acquired, through the “Escola Superior de Teologia Evangelica” in Sao Paulo Brazil. Read More...

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