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Marinalva (Mari) Plasencio Articulo 2 RedondoIf, as we believe, oneness is the foundation of all metaphysics, it is just as important to realize that there are other qualities that come forth from it and show up in spiritual unity, such as he here and now of God. “is here now, if we could but see it”. But we cannot see this Reality as a “Thing”.

We can, thought, live as if it were a great truth and gear our thoughts and expectations accordingly, knowing that the forms of our lives are subject to time an space, even if our mental faculties are not. Any expectant mother knows that the precious child she carries within her may be etched in Wholeness, but the physical form it will take needs its several months growth to be completed…. And all of this is taking place in the here and now of God that supports it all!

About The Author
Mari Plasencio As a native Brazilian, Marinalva “Mari” Placensio enjoys a vivid and dynamic life. While she was an active member of the Assembly of God – Ipiranga Ministry in Brazil, she participated as a choir singer and Sunday school teacher. On that time a Bachelor in Theology was acquired, through the “Escola Superior de Teologia Evangelica” in Sao Paulo Brazil. Read More...

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