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Marinalva (Mari) Plasencio Articulo 2 RedondoWe all were created with great gifts. One of those great gifts is imagination. Imagination is incredible. Without it life would not be the same.

If mankind didn’t imagine that we could fly, life would be very different. If people like Henry Ford didn’t imagine the horseless carriage, again, life would be very different.

Can you imagine what life Would be like without imagination?

Scripture put it a different way: “believe that you have, so that you may receive”.

Imagine your life the way you want it. Have faith in that vision. Let go of the attachment to the outcome. Then go about your day expecting your vision, your imagination, is fulfilled.

It is important not to share what you imagine with any nay-sayers. They can suck the wind out of your sail very quickly. Keep your dreams and desires to yourself or make sure to share them with people you know who will encourage you.

Imagine and desire with all your heart. Have faith in the fulfillment of what you have imagined, then live your life in joy, excitement and grace.

Life is good, imagine that.

About The Author
Mari Plasencio As a native Brazilian, Marinalva “Mari” Placensio enjoys a vivid and dynamic life. While she was an active member of the Assembly of God – Ipiranga Ministry in Brazil, she participated as a choir singer and Sunday school teacher. On that time a Bachelor in Theology was acquired, through the “Escola Superior de Teologia Evangelica” in Sao Paulo Brazil. Read More...

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