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Marinalva (Mari) Plasencio Articulo 2 RedondoRecognize your individuality today is to understand that to be an individual means to exist as an entity. Rightly understood. God can be considered as the Infinite Person; hence Spirit is the infinite Essence of all individuality. Within the One Supreme Mind, since It is infinite, exists the possibility of projecting limitless, each expression of Itself is unique and different from any other expression. Thus, the Infinite is never divided but has infinite manifestations.


Recognize your individuality today is to understand that all people have the same origin, no two are alike except in ultimate Essence. Once God and Father of us all, but numberless sonship. Each sonship is unique in a universe of Wholeness. Man is an individualized center of God consciousness and spiritual Power, as complete as he knows himself to be, and he knows himself only as he really comprehends his relationship to the Whole.

Our individuality externalizes as a personality at the circumference of our existence and experience. At the center of our being is the point of individual contact with the infinite Source, of the, expressed and unconditioned, the absolute, God. There is a reservoir of life and power as we approach the center which is loosed and flows through to the circumference when we realize the unity of the Whole and our relationship to it. God is incarnated in all men and individualized through all creation without loss to Himself.

Each of us as a unique individualization of the Infinite is complete. No two people look alike, act alike or think alike. No two faces have the same expression. Our fingerprints are different. The emotional reactions of each are distinct and individual. All this, in order that individuality may not be lost in the great shuffle of life. God will not be a creative God if His creations were monotonous repetitions.

The more completely we recognize our individuality, the more unique Our personality. Due to this we commonly speak of persons as beings “individuals.” A psychological reaction against our machine age is an instinctive gesture of a person protesting against anything that would seek to replace the necessity  of more fully expressing his individuality.

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As we seek to develop our personalities we should at the same time try to unify them with all others.

Some find their approach to expressing the Reality at the center of their being through art, science or literature, some others through prayer and meditation; but all do it by extended recognition and increased inner awareness. The voice of the Spirit speaks through all; it is a universal language speaking through many tongues.

Individuality is the thing behind our personality. Personality is what we make of our individuality. The uniqueness of our personality springs from our individuality, which is entirely God-given.

As other men, Jesus was a human being, that recognizes his individuality and yet, was a spiritual genius. Just as we have had geniuses in every field of endeavor, so we have had spiritual geniuses, those who have seen more deeply into Causation than others. Jesus as a personality has long since passed to other fields of activity, but the conscious knowledge of God which endowed this unique man with what may be called the Christ- consciousness, remains as a potentiality for all of us.

We are beginning to understand more of the meaning of the Christ, this Emmanuel or God-with-us, the direct relationship of the Universal to the particular, of the Infinite to the finite, of God to man, of the heavenly Father to the earthly son. The forming of this Christ within us is the incarnation of the Almighty, consciously received, and the power attending this new birth is the result of opening a greater channel in our own minds through which the originating cause may flow.

The greatest teaching of Jesus was the necessity of belief or faith. What should we believe in and how can we have faith?  His answer: Believe in God or the Universal Spirit; have faith that your belief in this universal Spirit will produce a definite and tangible result in your experience.

It seems impossible to have belief or faith while we doubt or are afraid. Hence the enemies to be overcome are our denials of the good, the beautiful and the true. “to err is human,” and that part of us which is human seemingly is continuously in error, is fearful, timid, uncertain; it needs and must have knowledge of a new source of freedom.

The only possible “salvation” is for a new birth to take place in the mind; is the mind that needs to be reborn to a greater recognition of the Divinity within it. Hence, we are told to be “transformed by the renewing of the mind.” The mind must shake off the adversary which is the denial of good, and, looking upward, must become impregnated with the great affirmations of the Life Itself.

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