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Marinalva (Mari) Plasencio Articulo 2 RedondoThere is a Biblical verse that states, “Sufficient unto the day are the evils there of.” Pragmatically speaking, I take this to mean that we do not have to look for trouble; the concerns of the day holds both problems and possibilities. In fact, without the possibilities that some new path may open to us, many days will find us working hard just to get out of the bed in the morning!

Blessedly we are aware that we are moving in what I like to call “the Infinite Flow of Good.” I do not believe that the divine nature intends any ill for us. If it gives of itself to sustain us, the gift must be life affirming, and life unfolding, according to the nature of life. What, then, gets in the way sometimes? I think that Maurice Nicoll’s statement captures it well when he calls it “the terrible power of misunderstanding everything.”

We misunderstand ourselves; we misunderstand others; we misunderstand Einstein’s question: Is the universe a friendly place? It is for us, then, to come to life, so to speak. Through our spiritual practices – prayer, meditation, and the willingness to seek our own inner power – we can discover that “Life is for us “. We can begin to trust the divine guidance we call upon does, indeed, move us through our daily choices with all possible success.

We are meant to be successful. Let us, therefore, decide that this success brings health, happiness and wonderful living.

About The Author
Mari Plasencio As a native Brazilian, Marinalva “Mari” Placensio enjoys a vivid and dynamic life. While she was an active member of the Assembly of God – Ipiranga Ministry in Brazil, she participated as a choir singer and Sunday school teacher. On that time a Bachelor in Theology was acquired, through the “Escola Superior de Teologia Evangelica” in Sao Paulo Brazil. Read More...

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