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Fear of Death – Between Faith and Atheism

Life can be seen as a cycle that has its beginning when we are born and its end when we die. Death is inevitable and it closes the door behind us in a physical way. However, faith is what leads us to believe that there is something more in the afterlife. Is it Heaven? What about other religions and how do atheists cope with the fear of death?

Fear of Death In Christianity

Christians who want to live a more abundant life often focus on good deeds that could bring them a step closer to Heaven. Its vision is seen as a prize for living a good life on Christian terms. Faith is something that can keep a person from committing negative actions. Even so, many people cannot handle the fear of death that accompanies them along the way.

We accept the fact of death and yet we protest against it. The dualism and contradiction accompany many throughout our lives. Everyone has their own imagination of their final days and this is what we are actually fearful of.

The vision of Heaven and Hell is somewhat reassuring that there are reasons to do good in life. Does this mean that the Christian way makes it easier to fight the fear of death?

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What About Atheists?

Atheists often tend to separate the fear of death from any religious motives. Thus, they are able to create an illusion of unconscious life. Not accepting a vision of Heaven, they focus on earthly joys. Such an approach can be alluring yet dangerous at the same time.

Living in the now lets people experience life to the fullest, that may be true. On the other hand, by denying the idea of the Final Judgment, atheists can possibly stop caring about good deeds.

In terms of their fear of death, atheists see it as a natural part that ends the circle of life. Therefore, having no expectations for an afterlife, maybe their attitude is more humane? This is a question of faith or the lack of it. The answer we will receive once we close our eyes for the last time.

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