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How to Keep the Flame up in the Present World Circumstances

The world is changing right before our eyes. Each day we watch as the humanitarian crisis develops in Ukraine because of vicious Russian attacks. The unprecedented and unprovoked war, which Vladimir Putin has started, is the reason for many people feeling scared about the future. Moreover, we have not yet recovered from the global pandemic. Difficult as the situation may seem, we still need to go to work or school. Hence, how to keep the flame up in the present world circumstances?

5 Steps to Keep the Flame up

Keeping the flame up and not losing faith in these troublesome times may seem difficult. However, you can enjoy a better and more abundant life if you focus on the 4 following steps.

1. Recognize Cold Logs

To start a fire you need not have any cold logs. Surrounding yourself with people who lack good faith may complicate your life, therefore not letting you keep your flame up. You need to separate the wheat from the chaff. Cut off all people who bring you down and discourage you from living a prosperous life.

2. Seek the Flame

All you need now is just a tiny little spark that will start the fire burning within your soul. A small thing that can change the way you perceive the surrounding world. It might be a new activity or an inspiring person. Approach with caution but also with confidence.

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3. Light Your Fire

Once you have found the flame, it is time to develop that fire burning inside of you. Keep your mind occupied with things that let you forget about the present circumstances in the world. Forget about following the gruesome news and focus on yourself.

3. Feed it to keep the Flame up

Do not let that fire die! Once you find the spark within you, try to maintain it for as long as possible. Everything is going to be alright, yet you have to believe it and fight for it. Hence, keep on doing what helps you set your thoughts to the good things in life. You will live a more abundant life and set all the troubles aside. Good luck!

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