Does Your Past Hold You Back In Pursuit of a More Abundant Life?

Does Your Past Hold You Back In Pursuit of a More Abundant Life?
27 April, 2022 No Comments » Blog More Abundant Life

Is there any real influence of our past on the way we are today? Hardly anyone wonders why we make the decisions we make. Why is our life the way it is? Does the past hold you back in pursuit of a more abundant life? The longer you think about it, the more humble your vision of life becomes. Let us dive into the past and find its not-so-secret connection with our present ways.

Conscious Choice or Subconscious Scenario?

Let us meet a few personages first.

A woman who has been brought up in a strict family and now cannot build a healthy and long-lasting romantic relationship. Could her parents now have shown any affection to each other? Did she often hear that people are rotten to the core and she should be careful who she sees? Even if she tries reaching out to meet new people, others see she is backed from social life.

Then, a little girl who lost her mother to cancer when she was just 8 years old. She witnessed all that sorrow and helplessness as a child. In her adult life, she decided to become a doctor. While growing up, she found out that biology, chemistry, and medicine is something truly interesting.

What do they both have in common? They have experienced some kind of trauma earlier in life that could have subconsciously changed their perspective.

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Living In the Past versus More Abundant Life

The wonders of the past may become life lessons. Whether you have happy or traumatic memories from your childhood, you can turn them into pursuit a more abundant life. Our past is a prologue to the way we behave as adults. Thus, your history affects many of the choices you make as an adult.

However, you should not live in the past. It is best to take it for granted and focus on what is best about your lifespan. Live in the now and you will thrive in no time. You are the main architect of what will soon become a more abundant life.

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